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Resident Teacher:

Will James

Will James is Tallowwood Sangha’s resident teacher. He attended his first Insight Meditation Retreat in the late 1970s with Christopher Titmuss, a pioneer meditation teacher in the west.  This meeting kindled a deep interest in meditation and a great love for the Dharma teachings and practices.

Will continued to study with Christopher through the 1980s and also studied with Subhana Barzaghi in the Zen and Insight traditions. In 2005 Will was invited by Christopher and Subhana to take up the responsibility of teaching in the Insight tradition.

Will’s teaching lays great emphasis on seeing into the ‘dependent arising’ and empty nature of all phenomena.  This seeing makes possible a deep understanding that frees the mind and opens the heart.

As well as teaching at the Tallowwood Sangha, Will leads retreats in Bellingen, in Byron Bay and in Bali (https://willjamesinsight.com/bali.html). Will has taught at the Dharma Gatherings in Australia and India, taught the Australian Dharma Facilitators Programme and teaches a Mindfulness Training Course and Dharma Study Programme.


Guest Teachers:

Christopher Titmuss:
Radha Nicholson:

Subhana Barzaghi:
Ellen Davison:

Tallowwood Sangha acknowledges these apprentice teachers in our midst:

Ali Barlow

Ali began a meditative life in 1997 whist staying in an Ashram in South India, and attended her first Insight Meditation Retreat in 2008 where her love for the Buddha Dharma opened like a flower. This love led quite naturally into a life of service in support of her teacher Will James, Tallowwood Sangha and retreat life for one and all. She has been mentored in the supporting teacher role by Will since 2017 and is an experienced retreat manager as well as leading yatras and a weekly sitting group in Bellingen.
Judy Baderle

Jude made her first trip to India about 20 years ago. The experiences there continue to transform her dharma practice into the foundation that informs her life. Jude has been sharing her understanding of the dharma for many years.

Currently, she leads a women’s dharma group in her hometown of Bellingen and also teaches with Radha Nicholson at the annual Women’s Retreat held at Yarrahapinni. Jude’s teaching emphasises a non-traditional creative approach, particularly using nature and the arts as a path to support people to find their unique means of expressing the dharma. Her experiential method applies the Buddha’s teaching to daily life and explores opportunities to embody the dharma. She is interested in a feminist perspective of Buddhism.

Jude is a mentor for the online Mindfulness Training Course and is available to mentor people in the local community. She has participated in the Dharma Facilitator’s Program and has organised and managed retreats for many years.

These days, Jude is studying mindfulness-based psychotherapy and has recently completed the Heart Based Life Coaching training. Her business “Art Meditation Ritual” runs workshops and day retreats that enable women to connect to what really matters.

Jude can be contacted at:
jbaderle@bigpond.net.au or visit her website at: www.judebaderle.com

Rowan Holden

Rowan has an innate curiosity about both the material world and the intangible aspects of life. Childhood questions about the physical and mechanical broadened in adulthood into an enquiry about the human struggle for inner peace.

Rowan attended his first retreat with Christopher Titmuss in 1981 and a deep interest in the dharma was kindled. After many years of inner enquiry and attending retreats in the Insight Vipassana tradition, Rowan has been encouraged by Will James and other Insight teachers to explore opportunities through which he can share his dharma understanding.